Our team



Pavlína Nováková


Pavlina has been working in providing personnel services for more than 9 years. Her daily program is to create tailor-made offers. She deals with the client's needs and offers her/him a clear, fair and real offer. Her great advantage is responsibility and work in context, everything counts. Working with people is also reflected in her privacy, where she devotes herself to teaching, sports and traveling.


Andrea Kosťová

Business administration

For more than 15 years, Andrea has been creating a stable background and overseeing the smooth running of the companies in which she operates. Whether communicating with the authorities, preparing contract documents or preparing reports of all kinds, Andrea always knows how to handle everything with ease and good mood.

David Tejml

Strategy and development

Davidhas worked for more than 15 years in executive management of major international companies and has also been involved in setting up several successful start-up projects. Hardened by his experience and with his head, full of visions and ideals, he continues to fulfil his dreams. He is fluent in Czech, English and German.