premium HR


We offer a tailor-made recruitment. Your requirements and our expertise shall deliver a list of dully analysed leads from both the labor market and our exclusive database. Our goal is to introduce a quality candidate for the client's core team. You have an option to choose a service with or without guarantee.

Agency employment

 It is a 3 party agreement between an employee, an agency and a client. The agency has a employer role here, taking care of all staffing requirements, payroll processing and related actions to the authorities. The client freely manages the job content and the employee at work. Responsibility for the employee is shared between the agency and the client, the split of responsibilities is precisely defined. This service may also include search and recruitment according to client's requirements. 


Talent management

We have to take care of our people and we need to take care of them as everyone requires. Here, a universal approach does not pay off. It is necessary to know who needs what, who motivates and how to educate her/him (whether according to the nature of the work or the character of the employee). Developing a training plan, assessment and motivation is very challenging at the beginning, but very successful in the course of an assignment. It's a never-ending story, however handling talents is the future of any business.

HR administration

Any cooperation model must comply with applicable legislation. Not only do we apply the applicable legislation to our agency services, we also offer payroll, accounting and labor law processing as an arm-length 3 party service. 


Who else than a recruitment agency should be helpful in terminating employees, both from the point of view of the labor agenda and in finding new jobs. If you have to lay off, so let's do it with grace. By cooperation with the recruitment agency you will offer your employees a value add programme which includes a qualified insight of the needs of current labor market, intensive care of our recruitment team and an assistance with their re-qualification as the case may be. 

Training programmes

We organise training courses and seminars that can be prepared for your specific needs, or you can join our ongoing training programs.  The fact that we offer service from A to Z does not mean that we do everything ourselves, we like to surround ourselves with smart and quality people who help us grow and provide you the best.